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Visual Studio 2010 extension that collapses every item in the Solution Explorer tool window at the solution or project level. Every expanded node - including items in nested Solution Folders, References, and Properties folders - will be collapsed.

This extension works for all projects types including C#, VB, Silverlight, and Setup and Deployment.

You can select the solution, a single project, or multiple projects node in Solution Explorer and the context menu will have a {“Collapse Solution [Project] [Projects]"} command.

Alternative you can click the “Collapse Solution” button in the Solution Explorer tool bar (the row of commands across the top of solution explorer). All the solution items will be collapsed. Note that you don’t have to select any of the nodes first.

The Solution Explorer tool bar commands maps to the hot key combination of {"Ctrl+Shift+Q”}.

You can get the release from the Visual Studio Gallery -

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